James Worley, homeless advocate, videographer

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James Worley's Facebook page, and Homeless Lives Matter page.


James videotaped for the Justice Network, without charge, the JNC interviews June 15, 2010 at Law Offices of Bajo Cuva, PA


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James and I met in 2004 when we were both homeless and living at the Shurgard Storage Center in Tampa, Florida. But there is much more to James.


Life for James has not been easy. His Mother was murdered by Michael W. Rippley who is serving a life sentence for the crime. James commented online about how his Mother’s murder affected his life, see Boyfriend, who called 911, charged in Brandon woman’s death, TBO.com Staff, March 11, 2014. Comment by James Workey:


"This story really hit home for me. My mother was murdered by Michael Wallace Rippley and her body was dumped in a lake back when I was 19. Granted I was much older than her children are I know the loss of a mother by something so tragic. My loss has really had a tramatic effect on my future and I experience nightmares of it sometimes to this day."

"I feel that many people who I know or have known throughout my life have no idea of what I deal with in my mind. Those children really will need some good strong figures in their lives to overcome their loss. I know I never have."


Reported by the Lakeland Ledger, March 7, 1988
by Kurth Gustafsen
Police identify Saddle Creek murder victim

James’s mother, Dorothy W. Rippley



Homeless man returns purse full of money
December 23, 2013
by Holly Bristow, Reporter



James Worley has a had rough few years.  He is homeless and has been living out of his 2000 Nissan Quest minivan.  Last week, his financial situation could have changed in a Publix parking lot in Leesburg.

"When we had come out of Radio Shack, we walked towards the vehicle, and I noticed a purse sitting in a shopping cart. There was no one around, the purse was just sitting there," said Worley. 

So he says he went and grabbed the purse out of the buggy.

"The first thing I wanted to do was look inside to see who it belonged to and try to return it directly to the person."

But there was way more than just a drivers license inside, there was a bank envelope filled with cash.

"I think there was $1,500 in the bank envelope and other money in the purse," said Worley.

Instead of just walking away with money, which he certainly could have used, Worley immediately tried finding the purse's owner.

"It was hard to get a hold of her. I called the store manager, I called the bank I called the police department. There were relatives numbers in the purse, I called them also," said Worley.

Leesburg Police confirm he did call to report he had found a purse filled with money.

Finally, Worley got a hold of the owner.

"I said, 'Barbara, I know I've got something that you want back.'  She said, 'Is it my purse?' I said,  'I found your purse.'  She said,  'Oh thank goodness!'"

He says Barbara, the woman who left her purse in the buggy, met him back at the Publix.  He handed it back to her with everything in it.   Worley tells FOX 35 that he never thought twice about keeping the money.

"It really was the right thing to do, to return it to her. It's hers. It's not mine. Yeah, I easily could have kept it, but it's not mine."

He's hoping that his honesty will help folks look at homeless people a little different and give them the benefit of the doubt.

"Don't just walk by people in need," said Worley. Read more




James Worley is a videographer who filmed the 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia run over by a Ford F150 truck. The video has gone viral and was featured on MSNBC. News anchor Dara Brown produced "Don’t Park on My Ferrari" using James Worley’s video.  




The owner of the Ferrari, Mr. Wesley Moschetto, is pleased with the video James Worley made.


Mr. Moschetto is the owner of I’ Pathology, LLC in Plant City, FL.


Ferrari 458 ran over by Ford truck
Tampa Sports Car Examiner
By Michael Berenis
January 29th, 2011

Brandon, FL - It appears that a brand new Ferrari 458 driven by CEO of I-Pathology with about 500 miles on it and a late model Ford pickup truck have collided, resulting in the destruction of the front end of a beautiful Italian exotic. The accident took place January 28, 2011 on South Parsons Ave in Brandon, Florida.

Ferrari crash pictures here

Thanks to the quick video and reporting skills of YouTube user JamesWorley, we get to see what it looks like to have a giant Ford climb on top of a Ferrari! He was there on the scene to get all of the info, a big thanks to James for bringing his video and information to our attention! Damages to the Ferrari are rumored to be in excess of $25,000 USD according to several interviewed Ferrari body repair professionals.

According to a comment posted below from a witness, it appears the Ferrari was illegally attempting to pass to get into the turn lane, thus possibly responsible for the accident. "I was at the car wash when this happened. The traffic was backed up on northbound Parsons Av and the Ferrari was passing across a double yellow line (illegal) to try and get to the small left turn lane I believe."

Update as of 2/2/11! The witness from above has contacted me today with the following information: "I know there are many witnesses including the lady who was parked just to the right of the 458 when this happened. I was putting my change in and I heard a "crackling" noise. I looked around and cars where lined up front and rear stopped while the Ferrari was as shown. A small dark compact car (maybe a older Dodge or something) was immediately beside the 458. The stopped traffic (the lady in the compact) was letting the Ford turn out of the car wash."

Whatever happened, once the truck was removed from the hood of the Ferrari, you can see the ample amount of damage done to the Ferrari and minimal amount done to the truck. This was not a good day for the Ferrari owner! As I get more information, I will post it here. Stay tuned! Read more