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Radical Red Mulberry - rural Penna. (may be closed)

Radical Red Mulberry
Looking for kindred spirits
Posted on November 22, 2011 by redmulberry

We are on the search for new people to join us in rural Pennsylvania for our social project, a.k.a. intentional community, a.k.a. commune. We don’t necessarily have a laundry list of requirements to join, but we do have a few very important questions that we feel you should ask yourself, starting with…

Can you shit in a bucket? Can you dump out said bucket when it’s full? Can you eat the produce grown from the compost created from your shit? Yes, this seems a little silly to ask, and believe me, I’m grinning to myself as I’m typing it. But, we believe it’s the perfect filter to screen potential communard comrades. After all, if you can’t deal with literal shit, how can you deal with all the metaphorical shit of living in a community? It’s not easily flushed away to disappear; it is all right there in your face. If this isn’t much of a hurdle for you, then we would also like to know…


Yacu Yura EcoVillage


We are working to revive and redesign an ecovillage project initiated in the late 80's, and abandoned in 2002. In 2003, we came here to protect the land, water, plants, and buildings, and to create a spiritual community based on universal and ecological values. Yacu Yura is located on 1,000 acres of hilly, semi wilderness area, with a warm, dry, Mediterranean climate.


We have been learning to grow organic food, recycle, channel water from our spring for irrigation, keep bees and chickens and to maintain the 9 adobe structures. Our electricity is solar and water is heated by wood stoves. We need help in gardening, permaculture projects, natural building repair, carpentry and plumbing.


At Yacu Yura we aspire to create a balance between the invisible and visible structures: between building healthy houses and creating healthy homes; between designing harmonious human settlements and transforming human consciousness; between creating rich, fertile top soil, and creating healthy beliefs, attitudes and thought forms. Our programs therefore reflect a balance between the so-called inner and outer realms. Read more


Hola a toda nuestra red de hermanos y amigos que nos han apoyado a través de estos 8 años.

Llego el momento en que estamos llevando nuestro trabajo y servicio a nuevos lugares, Yacu Yura (Aguas Claras) será custodiado por sus propios dueños, antiguos habitantes del lugar.

Meadowdance was an intentional community in the state of Vermont from May 2000 until September 2008. We ranged from eight to 21 members over those eight years, and shared in the birth of three children. We lived together in a cooperative household, ran businesses together to support ourselves and shared in the raising of each other's children. Over the years we lived in three different houses and bought a beautiful piece of land in Marshfield, Vermont. Though building the village of our dreams never came to pass we shared in each other's lives and in working on a wonderful project. Read more