Florida Bank Regulation

Florida Office of Financial Regulation

Florida Office of Financial Regulation

The mission of the Florida Office of Financial Regulation is to protect the citizens of Florida by carrying out the banking, securities and financial laws of the state efficiently and effectively and to provide regulation of business that promotes the sound growth and development of Florida’s economy. Read more

How to Find a Notice of Filing by OFR

The Notice of Filings from the Department of Financial Services are published in the Miscellaneous Section of the Florida Administrative Weekly. You can search for these notices on the FAW website at www.flrules.org Go to "Advanced Search" Select "Search in Florida Administrative Weekly"; Department of Financial Services" and "Miscellaneous" under Section and click "search"

Advanced Search

1. What do you want to search? Search in the Florida Administrative Weekly

2. Select your search options: Department Name, "69: Department of Financial Services" and "Miscellaneous" under Section

3. Click on the Search button. From the listing that you get with this search, you will want to look at the ones that are "69U Financial Institutions"

Data available from January 1st, 2006. By default, the search will be within the 12 last months.



Florida Statutes and Rules Administered by the OFR

Rule 69U-105.101 et seq., Florida Administrative Code

Chapter 120, Administrative Procedures Act 

Banks and Banking, Title 38, Chapters 655-667, Florida Statutes

Example of a public hearing notice. Section 120.80(3), Florida Statutes, pertains to public hearings and OFR. Section 658.28, Florida Statutes, governs the acquisition of control of a bank or trust company. Chapter 69U-105, Florida Administrative Code, contains procedural rules for processing an acquisition application.

Public hearings are conducted by OFR by video teleconference at the offices of For The Record Reporting, Inc., 1500 Mahan Drive, Suite 140, Tallahassee, Florida, with a location elsewhere in the state. Other times OFR will hold the public hearing in person. In that case OFR will send its representative(s) to that location.